Posted by Dan Brown in Articles, Date: November 25, 2010

Bluffing, like the game of Poker itself seems so simple, but in actuality is infinitely complicated, like the game of Poker itself.

The theory of bluffing is: act (and bet) like you’ve got a good hand, in the hope of scaring off the other players at the table, what could be simpler?

But immediately the trouble (or should that be fun) starts, bet without conviction (or too little cash) and you’ll stink like the liar that you are, bet too much and you could be called by a player who and is actually sitting on a hand as good as what you’re pretending to have.

Something that is as important whether you’re playing for pennies or high stakes has nothing to do with money. The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but a man’s face can act like a shop window display when you’re playing cards.

A twitch, a blink, a stutter or the tiniest fidget could let your opponent know that you got nothing, and suddenly from being in the driving seat and pushing your chips around like toy cars, they guy over the table lays down a real bet. Now you can either fold, knowing your weak hand can’t take it – or sound off like you’ve got a pair, and push that bet!

But when his chips hit the pot, did you twitch, did you blink, did you fidget – because if you did, he’s going only going to bet more and now you’re in trouble.

Still thousands of dollars have been won on bluffs, so let’s leave the last word to Dragline, “Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.”


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  • Bluffing is more of art and less of science. You really needs to have balls to bluff. Bluffing is not for weak hearted.

    Comment by Nicolas — November 25, 2010 @ 9:44 am

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